WELCOME TO BafCCUL "Where Dreams Get Wings" SINCE 1964.
  • To deliver quality products and services that add value to our members.
  • To be a financially sustainable valued partner to our MEMBERS in their mission to serve their interest”. With the clearness of our vision, BafCCUL focuses on the following pertinent areas:

    Our products and services are therefore designed to suit individuals of all strata of the economy petty traders, students, entrepreneurs, public and private sector workers, small and medium size enterprises etc, in order to meet up with the above objectives.

    Why choose us?
  • Experience, resilience and transparency over 5 decades.
  • experts
  • Flexibility, reliability and accessibility of our services.
  • staff
  • Qualified, competent ,enthusiastic and dedicated personnel
  • sealed letter
  • We offer significantly easier and faster online services through our visa cards
  • cards
  • We offer financial and business counseling to all our members.
  • business counselling
  • Possibility of saving at member's convenience via MOMO
  • business counselling
  • Best customer service and tender customer care.
  • business counselling
  • Relatively low interest rates on loans.
  • business counselling
    BafCCUL BOD President addressing members during AGM.
    BafCCUL Staff Yaounde.
    Rainbow, bafut BOD and managenent commitee during AGM.
    Board secretary addressing members during AGM.
    Gm addressing members.

    What are you still waiting for? Join the BafCCUL moving train.